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Warren Buffet famously said: “I won the lottery when I was born is the US.” He was certainly right!

Rex and Ricardo Say: “ If you are fortunate to find your way to Mexico as a final destination………… just won the Powerball Lottery.”You can decide the veracity for yourself but it’s becoming common knowledge south of the border.

We all end up in Mexico for different reasons. I came to Mazatlan (2003) after years of vacationing in PV. How refreshing, a true Mexican City with miles of beaches and a laid back Expat community……….Amazing………..and I never looked back.

I co-owned a real estate company in Olympia, Washington, so venturing into the real estate market was a natural process for me. I have been a licensed real estate agent in Washington State since 1995 and was co-owner of a brokerage from 2002-2008; I bought a condo in 2006 and within a couple of years I was coming to Mazatlan 5-6 times a year and spending 6 months in Mexico.

Life is Short if you’re lucky, very short if you’re not so lucky. So when the Great Recession of 2008 devastated the US economy…… was time for me to turn in that lotto ticket and become a fulltime resident in Mazatlan (Mazatleco).

I have been a licensed broker in Mazatlan, a member of the MLS (AMPI) and Realtors Association since 2009. After seven years of referral business in Washington state, I retired my license in August, 2013.

My local business partner, Ricardo Angulo, came to Mazatlan years ago for family business and immediately fell in love with the wonders of the destination. He returned in 2000 to become a full time Mazatleco and in 2006 he began his career in real estate. He is bi-lingual, well versed in evolution of the city, a member of the MLS (AMPI), Realtors Association and familiar with the legal channels that are available to property owners.

We have incorporated US standards into our documentation and fiduciary responsibilities. We also work directly with our associates and affiliates in the MLS who continue to provide leadership by example………..we are so fortunate!

Mazatlan Real Estate Guides: Rex Chambers & Ricardo Angulo