Specializing in Buyer Agency

We bring uncommon knowledge, experience, environmental conscience and a passion for the Mazatlan lifestyle:

We have followed the local construction projects over the past ten years. Focusing on construction techniques, location, management/maintenance and surrounding properties in the neighborhood. This input has been filtered through 15 years of heavy construction (commercial-industrial) as a union carpenter and 17 years as real estate agent in Washington State.

We are knowledgeable about current and future developments in the Mazatlan area.

We have been members of AMPI (Mazatlan’s MLS) and Realtors Association since 2009.

Our Purchase & Sale Agreements have been developed from Washington State MLS documents to reflect transparency and the legal rights of both parties. We personally research property titles and work directly with the notarios (closing agents) and bank trustee to assure legal title transfers.

We are uniquely qualified to professionally guide you through the process of choosing the neighborhood that compliments your lifestyle, qualifying the construction, and processing the purchase and closing documents.

We will listen to your real estate needs and goals…….together we will consummate the purchase of your ideal Mazatlan property!

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